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Engrish is fascinating, and very funny. I'm really glad you have joined this community and to keep things sane, I've put a few tiny rules in place. Otherwise, enjoy and contribute!

Basic rules for posting in this community:

1. Post all images behind the lj-cut tag. If you don't know how to, please consult the livejournal FAQ or ask someone. The reason I request this is because quite often images do not load immediately, sometimes making the whole page stall in loading. This also causes some weird laggage on people's friends lists. Long story short, just kind of annoying. And sometimes things that have engrish on them may not be appropriate for people at work. :)

2. Please don't post "advertisements" on this community. If you think you have a site that should be listed on this information page, let me know and I'll check it out! It just feels weird to have people using an appreciation community for their own financial benefit. Maybe there should be another community for that sort of thing. What do you think?

3. Any input you may have about this community should be directed at the email listed on this page. It will all be read :) And I would love to hear of more 'engrish' links!

Links that are great for Engrish lovers:

2. more to come!
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